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Job Portals in Ukraine

This job portal allows you to search vacancies in different job categories throughout Ukraine. In order to find a job in your region, you have to choose the field and indicate the region you are interested in or where you live in the left upper corner. Also, upon registration, it allows you to post your resume on the site.

This job portal enables you to do a quick search of vacancies by indicating your region and the job category you are interested in, as well as your work experience, education and desired salary. In addition, it provides information on leading companies in Ukraine and their available vacancies. Posting your resume is also possible after registering on the web portal. 

Registration on this web portal allows you to: place and edit your CV, be informed on how many times your CV was viewed, receive new vacancy announcements via email and search for vacancies. Furthermore, this job portal offers tips on preparing for an interview and shows information about the top employers and their open vacancies in Ukraine.

This job portal allows you to search vacancies and post your own CV with and without registering on the site. 

This web portal offers you a wide search of jobs split into different categories, information on various trainings and courses (language and professional) and information material to help you find the right job (types and examples of CVs, cover letters and advice on how to write a good CV). To post your CV on this web portal, you have to register first. In addition, if you need any kind of consultation, you can call or write an email and the consultants will assist you.

Users of this web portal can create their own CV or post an existing one. The system for job searching is user-friendly and fast. It also offers vacancies in various companies throughout Ukraine and has a link to the recruiting companies in Kiev.

To use this web portal you have to register and create an account. Both job seekers and employers are invited to use it to announce their job searches and job vacancies. The service is free of charge.

This job portal allows you to search for job vacancies and to post your job announcements. It covers almost all professional fields in Ukraine. Companies can publish their job vacancies and also search for employees.

This job portal allows you to search for vacancies both by section and by region. In addition, it keeps track of what you have already viewed before. The service is free of charge and you can either register or do a search without registering.

This job portal allows you to search for vacancies and immediately post your resume to the company that offers a suitable job for your position. Moreover, you can register on this portal to receive an update on job postings, as well as on possible trainings, seminars and conferences.